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    Your frequently asked questions... answered!
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    Are these real cryptocurrency coins?

    Unfortunately not! These are physical commemorative coins made of high-grade iron and copper. They do not have market value in cryptocurrency markets. 

    Why should I get one?
    These cryptocurrency commemorative coins can serve as:
    - a sentimental souvenir for yourself;
    - a wonderful gift for cryptocurrency traders, investors and enthusiasts;
    - a decorative piece on an empty spot (like your desk!);
    - a fun imitation to prank others;
    - a conversation piece to initiate your friends and family into cryptocurrency and the blockchain.
    How many units are left for purchase?

    We cannot give you an exact current amount. However, for our 2021 collection, we had minted 150 units of each type of cryptocurrency commemorative coin in its silver and gold variants. There may be coins that go out of stock before others. Unfortunately, we cannot reserve your Cart - so it is "first come, first served"! Rest assured that supplies of every coin will replenish around Q2 2022 (next year).

    Can you create a coin for [crypto]?

    Yes! We are always open to new designs and concepts. Please leave us a message with your suggestions on our Contact Us page or via any other medium. Our team is always listening to you!

    Why isn't my tracking number working?
    Track your order at Track My Order. The processing stage includes the order reception, the quality check, and the packaging (since the collectible coins have already been minted). During the processing period, we usually send the customer their tracking number, even though their order may not have yet been dispatched; and during this time, the tracking number will not work. Additionally, the customer must usually wait for the tracking number to update and sync for a few days, even after it has been dispatched: it is delayed compared to what is happening on our side. Rest assured that your order is in good hands.